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Accumeasure is a convenient, simple, method of ordering single garments. The retailer can specify up to seventeen measurement and posture changes and choose from a wide variety of styles using a simple Accumeasure order form. The order will be processed, completed and cut to the customers’ specifications and completed in just 7 working days.

Accumeasure Plus Online
A fully integrated digital image/grid system for ordering custom clothing in just 7 working days. This program will be supported with another CD ROM that is designed to allow clothing associates to measure and sell more complex fitting garments with confidence and ease. This service is only available thru the use of the web.

Accumeasure Express

Accumeasure Express allows retailers to order a garment on the Internet before midnight Saturday and receive the finished product in the store by 2:00 p.m. local time the following Saturday! This service is only available thru the use of the web.

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